Half-day Spa Passion

This is our personal favourite! This package offers 2 massages a day and will take you on a voyage of discovery. Escape from the everyday!

Choose 4 treatments half day from the following :

  • 1 Ayurvedic Abhyangha massage or 55-min. Californian massage
  • 1 exfoliating body scrub
  • 1 Chromatherapy multi-jet bath with relaxing seaweed extracts
  • 1 relaxing hydrojet  session or Infrared Shiatsu massage

€204/person with Thalasso lunch


This is a brand new concept, which combines a Shiatsu massage using jade stones with infrared heat. It relaxes both the mind and the body.

20 min / 39€


Recommended for even the most delicate skins, this gentle, creamy scrub is avalaible in a range of fragances - fig, grape, coconut or grapefruit.

€ 82 / person with Thalasso lunch

25 min / 59€


As you lie on a floating hot water mattress your body is massaged by jets working in a circular action along the length of your body. Total relaxation guaranteed.

17 min / 31€


Hot seawater bath with water jets that massage you from head to toe. The remineralising effects of the kelp algae used in our soothing bath, the flushing and slimming properties of the fucus algae used in our slimming bath and the calming essential oils used in our aromatic bath will leave you reaping the benefits of this treatment for a long time.

11 min / 32€


Relaxing full-body massage using essential oils. This treatment will soothe all your muscles and leave you feeling utterly and deeply relaxed, courtesy of Les Flamants Roses!

€ 122 / person with Thalasso Lunch

Californian DUO massage (for 2 people) : € 194 / 2 people

Thalasso lunch for 2 : € 244 / 2 people

55 min / 97€


Relaxes and soothes.

This traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage uses lotus oil and slow, gentle, circular movements and sliding pressure. This treatment is particularly suited to people suffering from stress and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

€ 122 / person witha Thalasso lunch

Abhyangha DUO massage (for 2 people) : € 194 / 2 people

Thalasso lunch for 2 : € 244 / 2 people

55 min / 97€


This treatment is an exfoliating scrub applied under a fine shower of hot seawater followed by a relaxing back massage.

25 min / 55€

half day / 179 €

Half-day Spa Passion