Our facials treatments

  • Thalgo - I Beauty45 min / 59€

    The new device combines the latest ultrasound, sound vibration and radio-frequency technologies to offer in-depth skin treatment.

    This combination of I Beauty technology and marine cosmetics purifies your skin deep down, restores its natural moisturing capacitty and offers lift and vitality.

    You can add this technology to other Thalgo face treatments to enhance efficiency.

  • Thalgo – The Purity Ritual Facial1h / 68€

    This treatment is adapted to suit your skin type and cleanses deep down, leaving your skin ready for other treatments.

  • Thalgo - Purity Ritual Facial + I Beauty1h15 / 88€

    Get the most out of your treatments by combining it with I Beauty

  • Thalgo - Fundamental Light Therapy1h / 75€

    An excellent radiance-enhancing, light treatment that will bring out the natural beauty and radiance of your dull, tired complexion. The combination of its innovative active ingredients and energising massage techniques will restore your skin's natural sparkle.

  • Thalgo - fundamental light Therapy + I Beauty1h15 / 60€

    Get the most out of your treatment by combining it with I Beauty

  • Thalgo - Cold Cream Ritual1h / 75€

    Offer skin an extremely gentle treatment designed specifically for the most delicate or damaged skin. A soft, gentle touch with pleasant and comforting fragrances that leaves your skin soothed and softened.

  • Thalgo - Cold Cream Ritual + I Beauty1h15 / 95€

    Get the most out of your treatment by combining it with I Beauty

  • Thalgo - Ocean Therapy for men1h / 75€

    This treatment is specially designed for men. Using purifying blue algae extracts to cleanse this treatment has an anti-fatigue and anti-ageing effect, leaving skin feeling fresh and radiant.

  • Thalgo - Eye Expert treatment30 min / 45€

    This special treatment for the eye contour area uses a unique mask and massage technique to smooth and moisturise the skin, leaving your eyes looking brighter and less tired.

    For a more comprehensive treatment, you can combine Eye Expert with all Thalgo therapies. For just €18 extra, your treatment will last 15 minutes longer.

  • Thalgo - Hyaluronic Filler Treatment75 min / 88€

    This treatment uses hyaluronic acid and anti-wrinkle action to prevent and correct signs of ageing. It has a boosting effect that leaves skin looking visibly younger.

  • Thalgo - Hyaluronic Filler Treatment + I Beauty1h30 / 108€

    Get the most of your treatment by combining it with I Beauty.

  • Thalgo - Silicium Lift treatment75 min / 95€

    This intensive silicium treatment uses the latest cosmetic techniques for targeted action. It lifts your skin and facial contours, “sculpting” your face and leaving it looking younger and firmer.

  • Thalgo - Silicium Lift treatment + I Beauty1h30 / 115€

    Get the most out of your treatments by combining it with I Beauty.

  • Thalgo - Ultimate Exception treatment90 min / 120€

    This is the first complete anti-ageing treatment that can fundamentally reset the skin’s youth. This exceptional beauty ritual uses delicate fragrances and exclusive textures to create a unique experience. The “Ultimate Energilift” massage and innovative expert techniques will leave your skin looking more radiant and with fewer marks and blemishes. Your face will be firmer and more toned – an exceptional youth-enhancing treatment.

  • Elle Baché - Elle Perfect1h / 79€

    New in 2017 - An instant radiance booster thanks to the antioxidant properties of tomatoes. This treatment will leave you with fresher, healthier skin and a radiant complexion.

  • Elle Baché - Total Lift Skinissime1h30 / 105€

    New in 2017 - This treatment is designed for mature skin in need of a total anti-ageing effect. It promises to fill wrinkles, firm and tone the skin, and restore an even complexion. Your skin will be visibly lifted and younger looking.

  • Ella Baché - Sensibeautics1h / 85€

    New in 2017 - This refreshing, shooting treatment is ideal for sensitive skin. It brings comfort to damaged and stressed skin through a combination of probiotics and a special message technique using soft brushes.

  • SkinCeuticals - Gel Peel1h / 90€

    This skin smoothing treatment combines the benefits of a skin peel containing 20% lactic acid with relaxing manoeuvres borrowed from Shiatsu techniques. Wrinkles, blemishes and other imprefections are erased, allowing the skin to rediscover its natural radiance.


  • SkinCeuticals – Intense Hydration treatment1h / 90€

    This is an ideal treatment for dehydrated skin, combining hyaluronic acid-rich products with gentle movements that massage your muscles and increase your blood flow, thereby hydrating and stimulating your skin.

  • SkinCeuticals – Instant Radiance treatment1h / 90€

    Ideal for tired and stressed skin that lacks radiance or shows signs of hyper pigmentation. The perfect combination of relaxation, well-being and visible results! Treat your skin to this instant radiance beauty treatment.

  • SkinCeuticals - Skin Correcting treatment1h / 95€

    Ideal for tired, stressed skin that lacks radiance or shows signs of hyper pigmentation. This treatment combines the benefits of relaxation and well-being to offer instant, visible results.

  • SkinCeuticals - Restructuring treatment1h / 135€

    This treatment comprises 11 steps and includes special massage techniques designed for the specificities of older skin. Your skin will feel denser, firmer and smoother with visibly fewer wrinkles.

  • SkinCeuticals & LPG - Redensifying anti-wrinkle treatment1h / 95€

    This natural lifting treatment smoothes out deep wrinkles. It has 2 distinct phases – the first stimulates your skin using the Endermolift technique while the second is an expert dermatological procedure that includes a skin peel, a mask and serums chosen specifically for your skin type.

  • SkinCeuticals & LPG - Cell Regeneration Lifting1h30 / 139€

    This youth-enhancing treatment stimulates cell regeneration on your face, neck and bust area in two distinct phases. Firstly, your cells are stimulated with the Endermolift technique and then your face and bust are treated to a full facial therapy based on your specific needs and including a skin peel, a mask and a long relaxing massage.

  • LPG - ENDERMOLIFT FOR THE FACE - 1 session 50€

    An exceptional technique that targets fibroblasts to redensify and rejuvenate facial skin deep-down.

  • LPG - ENDERMOLIFT FOR THE FACE - 8 sessions 350€

    An exceptional technique that targets fibroblasts to redensify and rejuvenate facial skin deep-down.