Our massages from around the world

  • Relaxing Massage For Men50 min / 97€

    New in 2017. This massage focuses on relaxing muscle chains through powerful, sliding and kneading techniques. Your whole body will be relaxed and revitalised.

    122€ / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Massage with aromatic oils25 min / 57€

    For your well-being and a relaxed state of mind. This body massage combines slow movements with more invigorating techniques. It will relax your muscles and your mind, whilst taking you to a world of enchanting fragrances.

    €82 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Back massage25 min / 57€

    This massage aims to relieve muscle tension in your back and will leave you utterly relaxed.

    €82 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Leg massage25 min / 57€

    This massage provides instant relief from tired legs and is an ideal way to improve circulation. By alternating slow and vigorous techniques this massage relieves tension and incites a sense of relaxation. The fresh fragrance of peppermint characterises this relaxing leg massage.

    €82 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Relaxing Foot Massage40 min / 75€

    This Asian inspired technique stimulates or soothes different organs in the body by manually massaging reflex points on the soles of the feet.

  • Affusion Massage25 min / 57€

    Relaxes and soothes.

    Total relaxation guaranteed thanks to this gentle, full-body massage carried out under a fine shower of hot seawater.

    €82 / personn with Thalasso lunch

  • Californian55 min / 97€

    Relaxing full-body massage using essential oils. This treatment will soothe all your muscles and leave you feeling utterly and deeply relaxed, courtesy of Les Flamants Roses!

    € 122 / person with Thalasso Lunch

    Californian DUO massage (for 2 people) : € 194 / 2 people

    Thalasso lunch for 2 : € 244 / 2 people

  • Abhyangha55 min / 97€

    Relaxes and soothes.

    This traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage uses lotus oil and slow, gentle, circular movements and sliding pressure. This treatment is particularly suited to people suffering from stress and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

    € 122 / person witha Thalasso lunch

    Abhyangha DUO massage (for 2 people) : € 194 / 2 people

    Thalasso lunch for 2 : € 244 / 2 people

  • Shiatsu50 min / 97€

    This massage restores balance to your circulation and energy in order to harmonise your mind and body. It combines pressure manoeuvres and stretching techniques applied along meridian pathways according to traditional oriental medicine.

    € 122 / person wih Thalasso lunch

  • Swedish50 min / 97€

    Stimulating or soothing massage.

    This comprehensive body massage relieves muscular tension by using long flowing movements all over the body. Its slow and regular rhythm will leave your muscles utterly and deeply relaxed.

    € 122 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Polynesian50 min / 109€

    All-encompassing relaxing massage

    A traditional massage from the Polynesian people. This powerful, slow and rhythmic massage gets deep into the muscles. It alternates manual techniques with bags of hot sand (Tuiponos). This treatment will take you on an intensely relaxing journey.

    € 134 / personn with Thalasso lunch

  • Hot stone massage50 min / 105€

    Relaxation and escape

    This hot stone massage provides guaranteed escape from the real world and deep relaxation. This unique treatment will enable you to let go of all your stress and tension.

    € 130 / personn with Thalasso lunch

  • Osteopathy45 min / 85€


    A series of very precise manipulative techniques targeting bones, joints and muscles. This treatment is carried out by an osteopath.

    € 85 (paid directly to the Osteopath)

    Our massage oils are on sale from € 23.