Our Special Treat Spa therapies

Relax and enjoy one of our Special Treat spa therapies during your pamper break in our 4-star hotel in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Our spa centre is just opposite the Flamants Roses apartment building in Canet en Roussillon.

In our hotel & spa centre in the south of France, you will be able to relax and unwind during your spa break or Thalassotherapy treatment package.

  • Polynesian Cruise105 min / 180€

    When tropical energy overwhelms your body! Treat yourself to this unique experience – first an exfoliating scrub for the whole body and face, then a mango balm bringing the cool clear water of a Polynesian lagoon right to you. Let yourself go as you enjoy a head-to-foot massage and an intoxicating fragrant wrap. This is a moment of pure sensual pleasure.

    € 205 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Marine Escape105 min / 159€

    Let the sea carry you away on an invigoratng tide of fragrances. Our salt scrub will leave your skin softer and revitalised, before it is enveloped in a rich, moisturising wrap. Then succumb to relaxing massage with red seaweed extracts and revel in the warmth of our self-heating balm.

    € 184 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Oriental Voyage85 min / 139€

    Let yourself go as you enjoy a honey and almond balm scrub, a warm intoxicating Oriental wrap and the luxurious experience of our hot oil massage. This voyage will leave your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

    € 164 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Oriental ritual110 min / 159€

    This traditional treatment involves alternating steam baths with body treatments – an exfoliating black soap scrub, Rhassoul clay mask to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, a relaxing massage using Neroli oil, followed by a restful time with a drink of mint tea. Relaxation and escape guaranteed.

  • Ritual For the Hands and Feet50 min / 70€

    Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation with the delighful fragrances of southern essential oils. Your hands and feet will be cleansed, nourished and revitalised. This pure pleasure for your senses and utter relaxation for your mind and body.

    Hand OR Feet : 30min / €40.

  • Thalasso Spa du Sud scrub25 min / 59€

    Recommended for even the most delicate skins, this gentle, creamy scrub is avalaible in a range of fragances - fig, grape, coconut or grapefruit.

    € 82 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Affusion exfoliating scrub and massage25 min / 59€

    This treatment involves an exfoliating scrub applied under a fine shower of hot seawater, followed by a relaxing back massage.

    € 84 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Sweet & Sour scrub25 min / 59€

    A wonderful combination of marine salts, brown sugar and inovating Mediterranean essential oils.This mixture of sugar and salts combined with essential oils exfoliates the skin leaving it feeling sublime.

    € 84 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Purifying 3-salt Scrub25 min / 59€

    This scrub uses a gel made with Himalayan and Dead Sea salts fraganced with lavender and rosemary essential oils.

    from € 84 / person with Thalasso lunch

  • Black soap scrub40 min / 59€

    This combination of steam bath and exfoliating scrub using black soap and a Kassa glove offers a deep full-body exfoliation.

    With Rhassoul : 1h / €90

    from € 84 / person with Thalasso lunch