Thalgo Treatments

  • Manual Deep Tissue Massage25 min / 57€

    This energetic manual massage kneads the skin to help detach and reduce cellulite.

  • Fucus seaweed wrap25 min / 48€

    Fucus algae – a brown seaweed – have unique mineral properties (oligo-elements). These properties can be used in slimming treatments because they help reduce fat.

  • Body-Shaping jet shower8 min / 30€

    Tones, enhances your circulation and acts on cellulite. Using the same approach as the jet shower, this treatment focuses on your thighs, bottom and hips to help define your body shape.

  • Frigi-Thalgo treatment45 min / 45€

    This treatment helps filter and flush skin tissue to slim and tone the body. It also helps reduce a sensation of fatigue in your legs.

  • High Precision Sculpting treatment60 min / 89€

    Slimming or toning. The first ever treatment to target and correct cellulite or unwanted fat and sagging skin. Active oxygen wrap stimulates slimming metabolism. Perfectsculpt massage technique uses high-performance concentrated products to define and shape your body.

  • Pressotherapy20 min / 32€

    Thsi treatment progressively increases lymphatic flow in your legs through a system of inflatable boots. It also improves venous flow and leaves your legs feeling much lighter.